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Unique and engaging lecture style

Lecturing to patients, caregivers, residents, physicians, dentists and other members of the healthcare community, Dr. Levi is passionate about educating others on dental oncology, orofacial pain and TMD, oral medicine and dental sleep medicine. She has been invited to speak both locally and nationally and is dedicated to spreading awareness and teaching the public about these topics.  

What’s teeth got to do with it? The oral and dental side effects of cancer therapy

Listen to Dr. Levi's webinar that she gave for Triage Cancer. Learn about the various oral side effects of cancer therapy, including, chemotherapy, head and neck radiation therapy, and anti-resorptive medications. Dr. Levi also reviews the ideal time to visit a dentist during cancer treatment, including the appropriate blood counts for an extraction or routine dental care. Finally, she speaks about methods to help minimize the risk of developing the oral and dental manifestations of cancer treatment. 

Chemotherapy, Bone Strengthening Drugs and Oral Care

How do chemotherapy and anti-resorptive medications affect your oral health? Dental Oncologist Dr. Lauren Levi describes the necessary oral care for patients with metastatic breast and ovarian cancer in this webinar.

VIVA LEARNING Dentistry and the Cancer Patient: How to Treat and Manage the Oral Sequelae of Cancer Therapies

This CE webinar will provide clinicians with the necessary tools to treat the dental patient undergoing head and neck radiation therapy and chemotherapy. It will focus on dental oncologic issues such as the pathophysiology and management of osteonecrosis of the jaw along with the oral and dental sequel associated with head and neck radiation therapy and chemotherapy. It will also discuss the ideal time to treat patients while undergoing chemotherapy as well as the appropriate and important questions to ask the patient's oncologist and help providers become a vital member of the patient's oncology team.

Upon completion of this CE webinar, the student will:
• become more familiar with dental oncologic issues 
• identify when it is ideal to perform dental treatment on a patient undergoing chemotherapy   

Dental Questions Answered!

Tom Curry, President of ACCOI hosted a Web broadcast with Dr. Lauren Levi, D.M.D a dental oncologist in NY, NY who discusses and answers questions about dental issues facing mouth cancer survivors!

Oral and Dental Sequelae of Cancer Therapy

Unfortunately, though cancer therapy, such as chemotherapy and radiation treatment, saves many lives, it is often associated with several sequelae including oral and dental sequelae. How do we treat these manifestations? When is it appropriate or safe to conduct dental treatment on patients undergoing cancer therapy?

This course focuses on the dental and oral manifestations of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and/or head and neck surgery and management of these conditions. It also reviews the ideal time to treat patients while they are undergoing cancer therapy. 

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