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Trigger Point Injections...what's that?

Trigger point injections are sometimes an indicated treatment for jaw muscle pain and pain associated with radiation fibrosis syndrome.

What are trigger points?

Trigger points are, an essence, knots that form in muscles. They are spasms or localized areas of inflammation that may result from injury, radiation treatment, muscle strain or overuse. Trigger points may be extremely painful when they are active. Other times, though, trigger points may remain latent and asymptomatic.

How are trigger points treated?

Trigger point injections involve injecting into tender areas of muscle with local anesthetic. The main treatment actually stems from the mechanical action of the needle which loosens up the knots or 'trigger points.' The local anesthetic is injected to help relieve the soreness from the procedure.

Trigger point therapy was developed approximately 50 years ago, and has been a mainstay of treatment in muscular pain since its development. They may be extremely effective, but of course they do not work for everyone. Also, it is often common for a series of trigger point injections to be administered over a course of time in order for their benefits to be noted.

In addition to trigger point injections, daily exercises are important to help treat jaw muscle pain. Often, trigger point injections in conjunction with other therapies may be effective in treating patients with orofacial pain and radiation fibrosis syndrome.

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