10 Things Only People Suffering From TMJ related Orofacial Pain and TMD Will Understand

TMJ related orofacial pain is extremely common and uncomfortable. Do you identify with these symptoms?

1) Waking up with headaches is a daily occurrence.

TMJ morning headache

2) Your cheeks and temples are tender and sore.

tender temporalis muscles orofacial pain

3) Sometimes it is painful to close your mouth.

TMJ pain upon closing

4) You can't even think about biting down on a bagel.

pain eating a bagel when having TMD

5) Your bite feels off and funny.

6) Your neck feels sore and sometimes the pain radiates to your back.

sore neck and radiating orofacial pain

7) It hurts to yawn.

pain upon opening and yawning

8) It hurts to talk.

talking is painful with orofacial pain

9) It hurts to chew.

facial pain chewing

10) It hurts to open your mouth.

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